What We Do

Investment Funds

Superkonstelacja Limited, provide investors with long term capital appreciation, through its investment in the funds and through co-investment opportunities in successor funds managed by the Investment Manager and/or the General Partners advised by the Investment Adviser over time, through co-investment opportunities alongside the Limited Partnerships and such successor funds, either through debt or equity instruments.

Decision - making process


We invest globally in strong businesses with sustainable competetive advantages


We concentrate the portfolio in a limited number of investments


We conduct fundamental research.

Private equity to public market

We take private equity investment approach to the public markets


We adopt a long term investment horizon


The company’s mission is to search and use inefficiency of markets to generate high returns with minimal risk. We are also passionate about the economic optimization of business enterprises.


More and more investors are looking to diversify their portfolios and be less reliant on traditional investing in stocks and bonds. Property – alongside cash, bonds and shares – is one of the four most common types of investments. Investing in properties can reduce the risk profile of your portfolio and increase its long-term expected returns. That way investors should seriously consider allocating a portion of their portfolio to real assets.
We focus on the residential market, looking beyond the obvious and pinpointing the best property investments with remarkable potential. Typically, we focus on emerging locations with assets currently spanning high-growth areas.

As a property development and investment company, our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns by spotting the marginal gains which other property developers often miss.
We successfully transform property development opportunities into higher yields and margins on cost faster than many others in the industry. Our proven techniques allow us to achieve the maximum possible risk-adjusted return on all of our property development projects.


We buy unloved properties in Joint Ventures with Equity Investor

Value Maximisation

We maximise their value through refurbishment and/or development

Making profit

We sell them for a profit

For our clients who need a legal assistance, we cooperate with a legal office which is well versed in all legal issues pertaining to real estate aquisition, recuperation or inheritance issues.