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About Us


We are continuously looking for market inefficiencies and these types of opportunities are not available indefinitely. As a result, we are able to substantially minimize risk and are able to quickly adjust investments according to changing market conditions.

With a growing package of alternative investments, Superkonstelacja Limited are well placed to offer any investor the products, knowledge and experience to maximise growth


The company’s mission is to search and use inefficiency of markets to generate high returns with minimal risk. We are also passionate about the economic optimization of business enterprises.

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Open Mind

We are open-minded in seeking solutions and we open up opportunities

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We invest responsibly by taking care of our investments and our customers

Flexible for changes

We flexibly & swiftly seize opportunities offered by changes in the business climate

High Quality Support

We provide our customers with high quality, practical service and support

Active Development

We are proactive in developing portfolio companies.

Cooperation With Investors

We work hand-in-hand with private investors, increasing risk-taking capability, the availability of funding, investment expertise and available networks for our portfolio companies.

Property Investment

We focus on the residential market, looking beyond the obvious and pinpointing the best property investments with remarkable potential. Typically, we focus on emerging locations with assets currently spanning high-growth areas.

Well Qualified Team

We have brought together a team of highly skilled and very successful individuals to secure good investment opportunities for ourselves and our clients, offering high returns whilst lowering investment risk.

Long Term Relationship

We develop long-term personal relationships with our clients by utilising our wealth of experience to create trust and mutual respect


We focus our investments on the most promising venture capital and later growth funds and companies seeking international growth